We’re Back!

There’s no other way to cut it-November was busy. Good busy, but busy.

Every week and every weekend of the month had something BIG going on for us at Indi-ED. And as much as it may look like we’re super human, we make no unrealistic claims. We’re human.

Our Comedy Show Fundraiser started the month with an evening of laughs. It was both enjoyable and profitable. But it took the work of Mrs. Lind Archipov and our Fundraising Committee to make it happen. Thank you Indi-ED family for sharing your talents on and off the stage.

We hosted our first Open House of the year with teachers, families, and students stepping up to lead tours, give presentations, and answer questions of interested incoming families. Thank you Indi-ED family for your time and openness.

As we finished our first unit of the year, the kids put finishing touches on their projects for the unit. Then organized their thoughts and ideas to lead their own student led conferences. Thank you Indi-ED family for your time investment.

We also came together for our monthly family meals. Coming together to connect for no other reason than connecting in with one another. Thank you to those families who showed up and did just that.

We also had our students’ Showcase evening for their inquiry projects. We listened to and supported our students as they shared about what they learned this unit on topics like archaeology, entrepreneurship, and philosophy.

Finally, we had the opportunity to support our larger community at the St. Pete Runfest ½ Marathon this weekend and cheered on our own Mrs. T and some of our parents.

That’s a lot of preparing for, executing on, and debriefing of big events in 18 short days. (Not to mention the day-to-day responsibilities in school and out of.)

We’re not complaining. But we are allowing you into what it looks like to be a part of the Indi-ED family. Our families are committed and jump in to support.

As a result, they walk away from a comedy show ready with a heart full of appreciation and ready to invite all of their friends next year. (Said directly.)

They get to hear their own kids lead conversations that begin with, “Hi, my name is ___ and I’m here to tell you why Indi-ED is awesome!” all on their own accord. (Witnessed.)

They get to smile and laugh their way through a conference as they listen to their own child talk about their growth and get in on some of the fun when they put you to the test. (Bursts of laughter overheard.)

They get to sit back and marvel at the amount of intellect spews out of them in an often times nerve wracking environment-on stage, public speaking-but then hear other adults uplift them. (You couldn’t miss it.)

And they get to connect and simply enjoy time with other like-minded people. (Thank you for the texts and emails of gratitude.)

So while the blog is important, we appreciate your patience and understanding that when you’re human with only 24 hrs. in a day, sometimes you just have to pick the priorities.

Huge appreciation to those Indi-ED families who’ve sent texts, emails, or communicated in person how appreciative you are of the efforts. One of these things alone is enough to break most people. But then again, we’re not most people and we don’t do it alone.

See you next week and bring on the holidays! We may have gotten a jump start this weekend.



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