The Students Are Taking Over

Indi-ED is trying something different with our blogs. The kids will be writing the blogs you’ll read in the coming weeks. In fact, you’re reading what a student thinks right now. That’s right this blog is written by a kid.

I think this is cool as you’ll be getting Indi-ED from the eyes of the student, someone with more credible information as we are the ones going through all that this school has to offer.

In case you don’t know about our blogs, they’re weekly blogs. It’s that simple. We’ve been blogging since the start of 2016.

But why would you write a blog? For one thing it could be a way to share ideas and information about the things you love or hate, connect with like-minded people, establish yourself as an expert in a field of study, entertain others, and even make money.

There are over 500,000,000 (five hundred million) blogs in the world and they are becoming more and more popular.

How is a blog different from a vlog? A vlog is a video in the form of a blog while a blog is just written. Kids blogging though, is much smaller than adults blogging and I think the world deserves to read more about the world from a youngins perspective.

Why are we letting students do this? One, it’s fun. Two It gives a more accurate idea of Indi-ED (again). And three, it’s a new experience for students.

Here are what some Indi-ED students think about writing a blog:

“I like writing blogs, they let me express how I feel and it lets others know what is going on.”

-L. McClung Indi-ED Student

“I really like writing the blog. It makes me feel like I can express my feelings about Indi-ED and share it to others. Plus I get to help people know what Indi-ED is all about in the process.”

-R. Major Indi-ED Student

“Kids have different ideas and opinions than the teachers. It is a good opportunity to practice writing and to share your thoughts with a wider audience.”

-R. Pethe’ Indi-ED Student

So we hope you enjoy hearing our thoughts, even while we’re spending some time working from home.

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