Kids Who Care – Compassion Community Service Project

As we began thinking about what we could do for our compassion and connection inquiry project, we thought what if we help someone in need?

We brainstormed, researched, and discussed a lot of options and decided that we wanted to help either people in poverty or people with a terminal illness. We narrowed down our choices to children with life-threatening illnesses. This is where the Children’s Dream Fund comes into play. 

The Children’s Dream Fund is an organization dedicated to helping children who have been diagnosed with life-threatening or terminal illnesses.  This organization gives kids hope. They will often visit kids who feel hopeless or kids in hospitals who are worried for the future. The Dream Fund gives these children their dream. But, they can only help these kids if you help us. 

There are over 120 waiting for their dreams to come true right now and the Dream Fund is what makes it happen. They help kids between the ages of 3 and 21. They grant wishes like giving a child their dream vacation or helping them meet a celebrity. They even help kids who want things like a new pet or a playhouse. You can help us give a child his or her dream.

Help people. It’s the simplest thing that can make a huge impact. 

If you want to live in a world with destruction, no connection, and complete chaos then go ahead. But we know that we will always lead with love. That’s what Indi-ED and the Children’s Dream Fund are all about. 

On March 13th from 10 am-2 pm we are planning on having our first fundraising event at our school! We will be holding a carwash and a bake/ craft sale. All of the proceeds will go towards making a child’s dream come true! You can look forward to the Indi- ED Instagram and website having more details soon and if you’re not able to make it we will be accepting any and all donations. Our goal is to reach $4,000 so we can help a kid in need, help us make a difference, and be a part of the change.  

If you would like to either donate, get some delicious treats, or simply have your car washed, please take the journey downtown and visit, 1847 1st ave N on March 13th. 

If you have any questions about donations or have any concerns, please contact our main coordinators, Savannah Walker ( or Misty Fitzpatrick (

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