One of our goals at Indi-ED is to empower our kids with knowledge, with confidence, and with an understanding that they can change the world at any age. 

We foster all of these through the inquiry projects that we complete throughout the year. Each child picks a topic that they are passionate about. They learn as much as they can about their topic of interest and then they share what they have learned with all of the families at Indi-ED. 

By practicing these steps multiple times a year and each and every year they build confidence and a valuable skill set. A very large part of this experience is connecting our kids with people who are doing all of these things in the real world. That is why when we were in search of someone who was setting an incredible example of connection and compassion to speak to the kids, we were thrilled that Avalon Theisen said yes. 

Avalon Theisen was kind enough to share about her journey, specifically how she used compassion to help others connect to the world around them and inspired them to use compassion to make change. 

She started an organization when she was 9 years old called Conserve it Forward. She has spoken at the White House as a part of the United Nations Climate Conference, and utilized her role as Miss. USF to spread the message of compassion to people this past year among many other accomplishments. 

There is nothing more powerful than for kids to hear these messages from someone like themselves. For them to see that you can have an incredible impact on the world around you as a kid. You can start a non-profit, you can design a course to teach others, you can create a Ted Talk and speak at the White House, all before you become an adult. 

You can do all of this as long as you are given the permission to explore and follow what you are the most passionate about and given the space and time to put your energy and effort into something you care about. 

The bottom line is you can make a difference now and Avalon Theisen not only inspired our kids to do just that, but she also inspired the adults to step up their game as well.

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