Corona & Irma

This is a first. For all of us.

Families having to work like this. (If they are lucky enough to still be working.) Teachers having to teach like this at a moments notice. Students having to learn like this. And all of us sitting in uncharted waters.

Naturally, I am navigating how to help our students, families, and teachers move through this. At this time, it doesn’t feel right to share how well it’s going because I know so many others are struggling. So I will do what I can to help over the next few weeks.

However, as I was trying to check in with my own feelings and process how I needed to, what I could relate to is this feeling like preparing for a hurricane.

And after talking to some friends from up north over the last few days, it hit me that they have never had to deal with this before. Snow storms move through with the same patterns. Thunderstorms follow a similar track. And winter is just winter. A season with a general end date.

So after hearing the angst and uncertainty in what to do and feeling it again myself, I sent the message below which could be helpful for all of us at this time.

“I don’t know if this is helpful or not but this kind of feels like what it’s like pre-hurricane.

You’re uncertain because no one really knows which way it’s going, you want to do what’s smart but you’re trying not to panic, you’re listening to all of the information while trying to plan and remain logical but optimistic. Even though it doesn’t happen all of the time.

What I remember post-Irma (sound like a true Floridian now,  referring to the storm by name 🙂 ), it was the big one that came our way in 2017 if you don’t remember, is that I was just freaking happy when it was over. I was alive. My family, friends, and students were fine. That’s all that mattered. It didn’t matter if we stayed or if we left, if we bought 5 or 20 gallons of water per day, or if we had damage to our home or not. None of that mattered.

So stock up if you want to. Don’t if you don’t. Keep the kids home if you want, send them if you don’t. Have a beer and eat the pasta if that’s what you need.

There’s no right “answer” because we’ve not done this with entire certainty before and doing what you think is best for you and your loved ones in every changing moment is the only thing matters.

I personally so much relief after calling off school and got so much positive support from our families that it gave me time to stock up on a few things just in case. Running to grab a few more things to complete the list then I’ll revisit at the beginning of next week.”

After fact checking myself and seeing that I did get the year wrong…guess I’m not as true Floridian as I believed…I also pulled up the blogs that I wrote the week before and the week we returned.

If you need another dose of reassurance that we will make it through this, feel free to revisit. What I saw was nerves and uncertainty prior. Which is what I think we’re all feeling now. And then I saw the relief and the hope on the other side. I’m hopeful that we’ll get there again.

Sending love, health, and calm to everyone that may be reading.

We can do this again.


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