Big News – This Wednesday!

Hello Friends and Families,

We have some big news.

In February, five of our students went to a national social skills competition in Atlanta. After we experienced that competition, we wanted to bring it back to Indi-ED and St. Petersburg. And it’s about to happen!

In only 3 months we have planned how we wanted to make ours different, created a budget, planned the events, promoted our event, and now we have less than a month to get all of the details together. We are almost there!

We have been working with the Innovation District, USFSP, OPEN, and other local companies who have worked with us in the past and some new companies who are excited to support our competition, The Leadership & Social Skills Challenge or L.S.C. for short.

That could’ve been enough but we also get to pitch our event at 1 Million Cups this Wednesday from 9-10am at The Greenhouse.

We are going to be the youngest presenters! We are so excited to show everyone what we’re capable of. We were hoping to get as many people involved as possible. We welcome anyone who wants to contribute.

We will have more information about the competition itself at 1MC this Wednesday, May 1st.

We have put so much work into making this happen. We can’t wait for the competition and for our chance at 1MC.

We hope to see you there and will let you know how it turns out!

Indi-ED’s L.S.C. Students,

Jaylyn & Savannah

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