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It’s hard to believe that some people don’t have a home, money, or a family. Imagine feeling hopeless and alone. There is no one there for you. You are stuck and it is hard to overcome, to become free of these emotions. 

You are overlooked, underestimated, & hopeless. The only things you can call your own is maybe a rotten blanket or an old jacket that is stained with dirt. You are cold. There are people all around you but, you are alone. No one understands your real situation & instead they choose to make assumptions.

People make assumptions about who homeless people are. People think that they are people who are simply too lazy to get a job. Or people think that they do not work hard. Some people even think that it’s just an act. That the people you see on the side of the road are not homeless & they are just pretending for money. 

Can you imagine being homeless knowing that some people don’t even believe you. Knowing that people don’t believe the situation you are in. 

People who are homeless are not always lazy or greedy. Many homeless people need help. They could be homeless because they were not given a chance for a job, or they had no friends or family to help them when they were struggling. Some homeless people were forced out of their homes and abused.

These people have been through a lot. They have tried. They have fallen down multiple times. We can help them stand up again. We can give them hope with our blessing bags. Our bags can bring sunshine to people who are stuck under a shadow. 

It may seem like it could never make a difference but, it does make a difference. In someone’s most hopeless moment this bag lifts them up. This bag makes a difference to them.


Indi-ED Student



♥ Socks 

♥ Snacks

♥  Backpack 

♥ First Aid Kit 

♥ Toilet Paper

♥ Hygiene Kit

♥ Fleece Blanket 

♥ Reusable Water Bottle

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