When Your Roots Are Strong, They’re Always Molehills

Stop reading if you’ve made it through life without encountering a challenge or any adversity.

Everyone still here? Exactly what we thought.

Continue considering if you remember ever being really taught how to handle challenges while you were young. We mean really handle, in a healthy way.

Since challenges are one of life’s certainties, big or small, and school is a place that we’ve all likely been while growing up, why is it that most of us don’t figure out (if we’re lucky at all) how to deal with adversity until we become adults?

We have a few guesses, revolving around the fact that schools aren’t set up to value teaching them. Time restrictions, lack of resources, etc.

The “blame” certainly doesn’t lie all on schools or any one person of course, because the reality is that some people fall into a pattern of complain, blame, avoidance, or negative habits all as a result of their own choices.

Which is why we find it appropriate to communicate (again) the gratitude we have for our Indi-ED families and students.

This week we encountered a challenge, really a minor speed bump in the grand scheme, but instead of hiding any of it from our kids, we were able to remain open and use it as an opportunity to help teach our students how to handle adversity, how to process emotions, and how to rise higher as a result.


-had honest conversations

-shared examples of mistakes and triumphs as a result of handling them with integrity

-allowed them time to discuss how things could have been done differently

-read and discussed an article that one of our parents sent relating to the most recent Serena & Osaka incident and the power of controlling emotions and how to find a positive in any situation

-contacted our yoga teacher prior to bringing the kids this week so that she could teach a class that reinforced working through emotions with breath work, releasing things we can’t control, and giving yourself time to have emotions as they arise

-we will continue working through the “Success Principles” book that reinforces our values and will be reviewing the section that addresses E+R=O (emotion + reaction = outcome)

-got back to work

-got out in nature

-took time to be kind to and support one another

There are even stronger lessons that our students are learning as a result of the open communication that we are allowed to have and that our families support.

Your choices have impact.

Surrounding yourself with a strong “support crew” (another term that comes from the book we’re reading) is a choice. If you don’t have that, your energy levels get sucked dry and the challenges become road blocks.

(Perfect timing for our monthly Family Meal-immediate mood booster!)

Your perception determines your reality. The lens through which you look at life, finding the positive in everything, looking for the opportunities, remaining true to your values and mission, all impact your life’s outcomes. And get this, we all control all of it!

And wouldn’t you know it, Monday morning and all feels well again. Kids discussing how their, “souls grow”. That’s resiliency. That’s what we aim to teach our kids.

Anyone who says they’ve never faced a challenge is lying. Which is why we’re grateful to have families who see the bigger picture, can empathize and offer support, and who genuinely see the value in the opportunity.

We know for some it’s easier because our consistent actions have garnered a certain reputation. We pledge to continue that for ourselves and to be a role model for our students, no matter what.

Onward and upward!

“We have to plan for our collective future – and the first step begins with the social, emotional, and intellectual tools we provide to our children.” – George Lucas Founder of Edutopia

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