When Students Take the Lead

What does a school conference usually look like?

Most people would say it is where a parent and a teacher meet and talk about a student’s work and behavior. Key word: ABOUT. They are usually talking about the student and not TO them or WITH them. Sometimes, the student isn’t even in the same room. Whatever the case, they are usually not involved very much.

But now, let’s talk about how an Indi-ED STUDENT-LED conference is different and why we do it.

A student-led conference is where the STUDENT talks directly to their parents about how they have been doing in school and shows their parents all their work. The teacher is still there for guidance, support, and to answer any questions. The big difference is the student is the one who takes the lead. Also, the students prepare everything themselves. They get to choose how to share their work and progress with their parents. It’s just a little bit different, right?

When Students Take the Lead

Leila preparing for her conference.

Now let’s talk about why we do this. We do this because our teacher won’t always be there, and we would have to do it ourselves when we are older. Sometimes, we are even better at explaining how we are doing.

We think it is important for us to explain our own strengths and areas where we could improve. Even though it was a little overwhelming and even stressful, it was worth it in the end.

When we finished our conference, we felt accomplished and proud.

Doesn’t every kid want to be able to feel that way? Doesn’t every kid want to make their parents proud?

Leila during her student-led conference.

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