What It Really Means to Invest in Education

“You get what you give.”

“What you put in determines what you get out.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard these phrases in one form or another in our lives. Maybe you’ve heard it at home, perhaps on a sports team, or maybe at work.

We know that in most cases, these phrases are true. But when it comes to education, often times when you think “investment” you think strictly financial.

At Indi-ED, we convey the above messages to our students, because effort is truly what matters. They all agree that the student who puts in the hard work, studies, and truly understands what they are learning, but earns a ‘C’ is better off than the student who slides by, never studying or truly learning, and receives an ‘A’. Our students know that hard work is what prepares you for real life.

The effort you put in determines your results.

So why shouldn’t this be true of education on a larger scale?

Many major stakeholders “invest” in education. Primarily, the teachers, parents, the community, and hopefully the government. While the types of investments made vary, whether they are financial, through time, expertise, or effort – they all aim (or should aim) for the same result- successful and happy humans who become productive 21st century citizens.

We know from firsthand experience that our Indi-ED families go above and beyond when it comes to investing in their children’s education beyond the financials.

They show up to our family meals, they show up to the student led conferences, they support and share their expertise, they consistently communicate…the list goes on. They show up for their own kids and they show up for one another’s.

This investment was evident again this weekend at our annual summer Family Meet and Greet, where we played Indi-ED Family Feud, because when you are able to bring the students and families together before the school year starts to simply get to know one another, the learning comes more quickly. We are lucky because our families realize the innate value in these connections being the foundation of all other future successes.

Simply showing up, figuratively and literally, is the most influential investment anyone can make in a child’s life and in their education.

It allows everyone to feel seen, heard, and supported. When that happens consistently, the teachers, families, the community, and the kids succeed together.

The effort you put in determines your results.

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