The Top 10 Myths We’ve Come to Believe About Education

As we begin the season of open enrollment and parents are enthusiastically (and hopefully critically) evaluating school choices for their children, we have a few hard questions for you to consider.

In order to make the task a bit more enjoyable, we thought you’d enjoy “Dave’s” take on things instead.

However, in all reality, we hope that you are considering these and evaluating what really constitutes learning and the best environment for your child.

Myth #10- Kids can only learn certain subjects during certain times every single day.

False! Actually, integrated is best. Connections aid learning on all accounts.

Myth #9- Report cards and assessments are an accurate reflection of learning.

False! We all know students who earn As without trying and those who earn Cs and work their hardest.

Myth #8- Hours of homework affects learning and creates quality humans.

False! Which of your homework assignments from 7th grade do you remember or use today in your life?

Myth #7- Referrals are shown to improve behavior.

False! Finding the positive in every child, reinforcing growth mindset, and creating relationships with the child and the families are the positive behavior techniques that are most effective.

Myth #6- Kids and families should not have a say in or know what we are going to teach.

False! We are all experts and here for the best interest of your child.

Myth #5- Learning can only happen in a classroom and is not fun.

False! When we see relevance and value in learning and are in relaxed and enthusiastic states, it creates the atmosphere necessary to learn and thrive.

Myth #4- The classroom that we have designed now is how our students of today have to learn.

False! There have been very few advancements over the last century. However, with all of the technology and resources that we have today, learning can happen literally happen anywhere.

Myth #3- Only certain types of kids can succeed with a personalized type of learning opportunity.

False! These methods are proven and effective for ALL children.

Myth #2- Teaching is easy.

Never. But certainly not when you’re truly individualizing instruction and responding to children as they are every single day-but it’s certainly worth it.

And the #1 Myth that we’ve come to believe about education is…

The goal of education is to teach our children exactly the same thing on the same day because they’re the same birth age, however the teacher in front of them deems appropriate. And if they don’t do that, they are a failure.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, false! The goal of education should be to help our children become the best version of themselves, at that moment, with whatever they present-while being able to shift and change as they need.

It’s one thing to start questioning and understanding, it’s another to take action to support your beliefs.

If you would like to begin the discussion or take the action, we’re ready to help.


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