The Future of School Design with Et Cultura

If you know anything about our little town of St. Petersburg, you know that we’re sitting at the crux of an economic boom.

The high rises are going up, the storefronts and the homes are being moved into, there’s a large event happening almost every weekend, and there is an increasing demand in the desire to be a part of the positive things that are beginning to take root in our area. The energy is almost palpable.

One of those events that Indi-ED is honored to be a part of is Et Cultura this weekend.

The Future of School Design with Et Cultura

Their mission is simple. “…to spotlight the creative and innovation culture coursing through our streets & bring the world to inspire, collaborate, and discover!”

Over the course of this multi-day event, they’ll be focusing on topics that impact all of us.

Living a better life, designing a more inclusive city, sustainable living, and our favorite-education.

Often times education is looked at as a trailing factor as to what makes an area “great”. However, what is great about this group is that they understand that if we’re attempting to build an innovative city and wanting to bring high level talent of all industries to our area, that you will have to have schools that those people want to send their children to.

Innovative adults seek innovative spaces for their children. Creative adults seek creative experiences for their children. And so on.

We’ve said it before, change is hard. Some would argue that change within big systems like education is even harder.

Which is why we’re so excited to be a part of this event. They’re asking the hard questions. They’re bringing together the (willing) players who know that it’s time to do better for our area’s kids. Some people are trying to move the needle and that’s a great start.

But the icing on the cake is that Indi-ED is already doing it! Here! In our city!

So while it’ll be quite the opportunity to learn from people around the nation about how they’ve made change, we’re excited to improve on what we have already had the opportunity to envision and execute on.

The conversations are open invites so we’d love to see you there.

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