OUR Values & OUR Mentality

Teaching in a traditional classroom afforded me many opportunities. (My mentality now, perhaps not in the moment.) I believe the two biggest to date are perspective and conviction.

For 10 years I was able to take in all of the injustices that were taking place and not just speak up about them in context, but think critically about all of them in an effort to fix them. Which has led me to where I am today.

Someone asked me this week about my 3 and 5 year plan for Indi-ED. I shared briefly, but smiled largely because my plan has been and will always be the same-do what’s best for kids.

I can show you my teaching philosophy that I had to write in college or my portfolio for my masters degree and show you how my actions have consistently aligned.

What’s better, is that NOW I am a part of an army of students, parents, families, teachers, and community members who are on the same side.

I am no longer one voice in a sea of people who project different values. But one voice of many who know that things can be done differently and the potential of it.

We do things differently, we know it, we’re proud of it because OUR kids are benefiting as a result.

We are NOT a part of the cram, test, repeat mentality.

We ARE a part of the experience, learn, improve mentality.

-OUR kids are learning more and enjoying it!

“I’ve done more and learned more in this year than I have in 3 at my old school.” ~R.H. Student

-OUR families are feeling encouraged!

“The partnership and communication between home and school are by far above any we have experienced and we believe it to be key in our sons success and overall happiness with school.” ~N.W. Parent

What excites me the most is to see what happens to OUR kids as a result of OUR shared values and mentalities over the long haul.

As you listen to just one example below, our pledge, imagine…

As a CEO, would you hire people with these values and these mentalities?

As a parent, would you want your kids to have these values and mentalities?

As a teacher, what could be possible with students with these values and mentalities?

I can’t know for certain but I can infer-we’re all searching for them.

And Indi-ED has them!

Here’s to laying the ground work and to many years of successes in the future TOGETHER.

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