New Theme & Its Meaning

Hi, this is Riley Hannan and Ethan Lockwood and we’re here talk about how we are climbing to new heights- literally and figuratively.

This month at Indi-ED we are starting rock climbing as our physical activity. We will be going to Vertical Ventures in St. Pete twice a week to practice and improve our climbing skills. We know that it may seem silly to you, but rock climbing will really teach us to push ourselves to new levels.

Some people have never done it before, but may find out that they like it a lot, and they may just discover a new passion.

(Some people have done it before, but want to work on improving and pushing themselves even more.)

Rock climbing can push us to do things that we are not comfortable with, or things that terrify us, but once we do it, we can reach a new height. This will help us with things outside of Vertical Ventures, such as some challenging new curriculum that we also started this week.

We will know to not give up just because something is hard. We will push ourselves and keep going to reach our goals.

Another highlight from this week (AND another way we are climbing to new heights) is 1 Million Cups. When we went to 1 Million Cups earlier this week we saw two businesses present their ideas and why people should invest in their company. Florida Wildlife Corridor and Pocket Analysis were the businesses and we got to watch their presentations to study important things like body language, eye contact, slideshows, etc. We also introduced ourselves to them and asked question after they presented. Soon, we will start learning about entrepreneurship and what it takes to start a business.

Since our first showcase evening, we have been practicing our presentation skills and sharing our own ideas. By watching the professionals at 1MC, we can learn from them and push ourselves to improve our presentations. We thank them for letting us attend and be a part of it.

Signing off, Riley and Ethan.

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