Intentional Teamwork

“Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together.” James Cash Penney

As parents we watch our children grow, from infant to young adult. Everyone tells you it goes by quickly and to enjoy every minute of it. However, have you ever stopped to think about how they grow. Not only physically but mentally what forces are working together in your child’s life to ensure that they grow into the independent, fulfilled and successful adults that all parents hope for.

Nutrition may come to mind, just like a flower, our children need water, nutrients and sunshine so that they grow tall, healthy and happy. Surrounding themselves with good strong friendships and family to help them through their ups and downs is also important.

What if you weren’t the only force in their life trying to make sure that all of these things come together for your child?

What if there were teachers in your child’s life that cared about their growth as much as you do and were empowered to help your child reach their fullest potential?

What if there was a school that provides an environment that teaches and nurtures values like resilience, collaboration, problem solving, and innovation just to name a few?

What if there was a school that taught your child how to set goals and actively worked with them to take actionable steps towards accomplishing their goals, reflecting on their progress, re-evaluating and making adjustments when necessary?

What if there was a school that taught your child how to self evaluate, to understand how effort relates to understanding, and how to take these reflections and use them to take initiative and responsibility for their own lives and their future? 

What if all of these things came together in one place: teachers, parents, experts, friends and a supportive educational environment that made daily hands on connections between your child and the real world that they are expected to function in as adults when they grown up?

Growth is not ever by chance at Indi-ED, it is the result of all of these forces working together consistently and with synergy so that each and every child exceeds their potential.

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