Ideas Matter

As the end of this school year approaches, our students are not listless and counting down the days until “summer freedom”.

Our students are actually unhappy that the year is ending, already making plans to spend time together over the summer. They are excited for next year, while we discussed plans for what they want to learn and accomplish. They are already exclaiming, “It’s going to be so FUN!” and “Can we learn about organic chemistry and space?!” and “Can I record an entire album?!”

They are also reflecting on all they have learned and accomplished this year.

For our final showcase, we’ve once again asked our students to go BIG. We will have our second annual Indi-(t)ED Talks on Wednesday, and our students will be presenting on the theme of “What’s Your BIG IDEA?”

After spending the last few months learning about innovation, its significance in the world, and after analyzing their own lives, our students have generated BIG ideas. All their ideas are original. They are uniquely their own. They have developed these ideas, written speeches and created meaningful presentations.

To get a sneak peek, feel free to check out the bios they wrote themselves.

We believe that the work that goes into these Indi-(t)ED Talks, and the lessons our students learn along the way, are necessary and truly invaluable. The guidance and skill-building throughout the year has helped get them to this point.

Through these concluding talks, our students gain more than just understanding of a content area. They have learned…

you never genuinely know what you are capable of, unless you push yourself and experience it for yourself.

sometimes you will make mistakes, even big ones, but what matters is what you do afterward. What matters is not the mistake itself, but the fact that you didn’t give up.

that their ideas are valuable. That it’s okay to THINK BIG. That their ideas can affect others outside of our Indi-ED community, or outside of St. Pete.

We believe that through this process, our students are truly learning by DOING. They are courageous and have support that allows them to take smart risks. They are finding their voices, and in turn, building self-confidence. They are developing into successful 21st century citizens right before our eyes.

Their ideas matter. THEY matter. And we want them to KNOW that.

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