How a Trip to Italy Reminded Me to Learn Through Life

We’re back! Geographically and social media-ically.

You may have noticed that after two and a half years of posting a blog EVERY Monday, we gave ourselves the month of June off.

It actually wasn’t planned but as my husband and I were spending some time in Italy visiting family, there were plenty of messages coming my way that it was time. And that it was ok.

If you’ve been to Italy before you know.

You know about it’s geographical beauty.

You know that the food is worth all of hype.

And you know that there is absolutely a different approach towards life there.

I journal every day when I travel. There isn’t enough time to share all of the highlights or all of the photos. But I will share some observations I made that after the third day, that I realized that it was time to take a break from the blog but that also reminded me of the whys of what we do at Indi-ED.

1. Humans of every shape and size are capable.

From the buildings, to the art, to even the roads-everywhere you look there is something that makes you ponder how powerful the human spirit is. Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, enough said. The designer of the Appian way was blind. The aqueducts, not only genius but they were constructed in 4 years! All of these marvels were created by humans pre-technology and sans modern day machinery-mind blowing. Perspective checks in every direction. We have nothing to complain about and if they can do that. We can certainly tackle challenges today and figure out solutions.

2. You have to show love.

In their most basic forms of communication, you can hear the emotion that is being communicated in their inflection and their tone. You can see it in the way they greet one another. You can hear it if you listen deeply to the way that they speak proudly about their towns and their past. You can see it in the care that they show for their family members. You can feel it everywhere because you can see it in action.

They appreciate the simple things and they make time for what is important. The flower on the side of the road, time with their family, running, laughing, and playing. They are present.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to travel. It allows me the time to reflect and reset. It provides perspective and reminders that the work that we’re doing in the way that we’re doing it is helping our kids and our families do all of the above.

The kids learn that they’re capable. They learn that they need to show love. And they’re learning that there is more to life. It’s not all about grades or posting every Monday that will define the big picture-what we accomplish in life and how much we enjoy it. It’s the moments, it’s doing the things, it’s spending time with the important people. That’s learning through life. That’s living.

Thank you for understanding our decision to take some time and to practice some balance.

See you next Monday!


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