Goals & Resolutions

Let’s be honest, did you achieve your New Year’s Resolution last year?

While the 1st of the year is a great time to reassess priorities and progress, if it’s only once a year it certainly makes it difficult to maintain the focus necessary to follow through.

Which is why we’ve made taking time to reflect and improve a part of our way of work.

Our students do it daily.

Our teachers do it minute to minute.

Our families even do it with us.

We use surveys, conduct self-assessments, peer reviews, have real conversations, write reflections, set academic and personal goals, check in daily, check in over the course of our long term projects, etc. etc. etc.

So while setting goals and achieving them in isolation can be challenging, when you’re surrounded by a team of people (students, teachers and families in our case) who accept and apply similar expectations success becomes imminent.

Think of elite sports teams or businesses who thrive. Or even in a crisis situation like the team who helped safely navigate Apollo 13 to safety. The same rings true, they’re there to support one another.

Which brings us back to Indi-ED and learning.

Because we’ve built in the processes that are necessary to consistently, positively, and authentically check in, a culture of constant progress becomes engrained.

Our students, teachers, and families know that the desire to improve arise from a place of love, support, and constant progress instead of a place of pressure, stress, and avoidance.

So we’ll take this day to reflect again on how lucky we are to have such a strong, loving, and supportive team around us, we look forward to continuing to setting our goals and crushing them in 2018!

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