Experiences Every Single Day

On Friday we were invited to take part in an event that focused on the future of school design.

There is a lot to process and reflect on so that succinct group of thoughts will wait. However, the overall feeling that we walked away with was that the tides are changing. More people in our area know that it’s time for the shift.

We heard from teachers who want to work for us. People who want to learn from us. And people who were inspired by us.

While we’re flattered and excited for the future, the desire to replicate will be tough in any traditional school.

It’s not just one thing that sets us apart or that can be replicated. Every aspect is intentional and it’s the sum of the parts that makes all of it work.

The individualizing doesn’t happen without the small cohorts.
The creativity doesn’t happen without forward thinking teachers that can tie them into curriculum.
The experiences don’t happen without trust and without parents who understand the value.

The success of our students doesn’t happen without teamwork.

For example, here are a few of the things our students experienced this week alone. It’s not just one field trip or one project, it’s our way of work.

And this is a week before a holiday break. It never stops for us and we’re grateful for it!

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