Chickens, Rooster, & Change

As I talk to more and more parents who understand that there is more for their child than what traditional schools offer, I am beginning to see patterns.

I’ve come to realize that choosing to make a change in anything in your life is pretty similar to that of choosing to change the type of school that your child attends.

Most things that require big change or positive growth, go through the following steps: exposure/awareness, self-study/connecting the dots, realization/acceptance, and if you’re lucky-change.

Take for example, healthy eating habits.

Before watching a few food documentaries, I had no idea about how chickens are mass produced in the United States. = Exposure/Awareness

It struck such a cord that I watched other documentaries, followed up with additional reading, and tried to gain more perspective and spoke with some friends who were vegetarians and vegans for quite some time. = Self-Study/Connecting the Dots

Couple the ongoing desire to learn and help with some good ole’ commonsense and Bam! = Realization/Acceptance

I’ve chosen to make changes in my eating habits and my husband and I are even about to purchase our own chickens. = Change

Chickens, Rooster, & Change(I did not have any photos of us with chickens so this photo of us at The Wooden Rooster learning about French cooking will have to suffice.)

I’m not saying that everyone needs to own chickens or that everyone isn’t entitled to choice, but what I am saying is that as Indi-ED grows and evolves, that I need to remain cognizant that families are on a continuum of understanding the best practices in education.

So this week, I thought I’d share a few resources that we’ve shared already that may help you along in your own journey.

There are plenty of other sources which you’ll find when you start connecting the dots for yourself and in the end you have to decide. Both where you’re at and if it’s worth it to move along to the next step.

For me, I couldn’t just “un-see” the reality so I had to make the change – in education…and with the chickens.


If you’re ready to consider that our entire idea of schooling needs an overhaul.

If you’re ready to consider how we need to adjust how kids transition from year to year…

If you’re ready to consider how we need to adjust how we’re teaching…

There… are… so… many…

If you’re getting closer to making the change…

Here… you… go…

Feel free to contact us no matter which stage of the continuum we’re at. We’re happy to help.

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