Back to Basics

While a majority of our Indi-ED Family finds ourselves in a refreshing place, excited for the school year to start, we have to remind ourselves that some people don’t fully understand what that means.

Yes, most of our families have met one another and the kids certainly have.  But as the teachers were planning for the year ahead, it was a refreshing reminder that we all understand why we do what we do.

Even so, some of our new families haven’t seen firsthand what happens when kids lead the charge and are energized about learning. Some of our teachers haven’t experienced what it’s like to have peers and administrators who mean what they say, we support you. Be creative, take the risks, and if it’s good for the kids-do it.

Which is on a larger level is unfortunate. However, it’s why we’re taking the chance this week to keep it simple and go back to some of the basics.

For those of you new to investigating the idea that education can be done differently, and for those of you who know but appreciate the reminder, take a look at this visual representation of how Sir Ken Robinson eloquently breaks down why the way we approach education at Indi-ED is not only meaningful but necessary.

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