At Indi-ED, It’s a 3 Way Street All Year Long

It is hard to believe that 30 days of school have passed as we get ready to welcome the month of October.

When I saw the 30 day mark on the calendar I decided to sit down with my students one on one to check in and see how they are doing.

We talk and interact with our students and their families on a regular basis. We sit down with our students before school even starts to plan our year, we sit down with our students and their families 3 times a year for student led conferences, another 3 times for showcase, we have monthly family meals, camping trips, birthday parties, etc.

We discuss, reflect, debate, celebrate and do all the things that families do together. Even with all of this contact, it is important for us to make time to really sit down uninterrupted with our students face to face and actively listen so that we can hear their ideas and understand how they are doing and what they are thinking.

It is important for me as a teacher to truly understand what their favorite and least favorite activities are so far and why, if they are struggling with anything, how they are feeling and if their learning styles have changed. However, I also want to know their ideas, what they would do differently, and most importantly-I want them to know that I care and want to hear what they think not only on day 30 but each and every day after that.

When your kids feel confident enough to share the good and the bad, then you know you have truly built the kind of connection you need to ensure their growth and nurture their passion for learning.

At Indi-ED we talk a lot about respect, active listening, and collaboration. But what makes it possible to walk the talk is that we have the flexibility and support from within and from our families to make the time to demonstrate it regularly. Our teachers, students, and families all have a voice.

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