Are You Smarter Than an Indi-ED Student?

Year 2, Week 5 at Indi-ED! We get to learn about mature topics (which is why Smarter Than just a 5th grader didn’t work for our title) and have been learning about communication for the past 2 weeks. We are tying it to our first inquiry projects!

While we are at it we’re reading a book called “Wonder”. We are tying it into our communication project too. The main characters are August, Charlotte, and Summer. The main reason we are reading this book is our cohort cares about people and it helps us understand more about how every person is different. Everyone is our equal! So we treat each other like it! (And that was reading just a couple pages of this book!)

Reading “Wonder” was an amazing little part of our week….there is a lot more where that came from and Reece will tell you a little more.

Hi! We have also been taking photography classes and we thought it ties into communication because we used calm body language to get close to the birds to take the photo. Also, you can communicate through pictures if they look like they have feelings in them or when you post them online for example like in this Facebook post, you’re definitely communicating with pictures. Not even just that, you can also communicate by sharing the memories when you save a picture on your phone.

As you heard from Jaylyn in the first paragraph, for this inquiry project we are taking a personal interest and showcasing how it ties into communication.

We are also learning many different ways people use communication because not everyone is the same. It’s important to consider people with special challenges who can’t communicate as easily as we do. Some people can’t talk, can’t see, can’t hear, and may not have all their limbs. So we are learning about the different ways they communicate.

On Monday Mrs. Pethe tied us up. Now, before you get scared, just know it was for a lesson!

We took the way we use communication most often and removed that ability so we could see what it was like using a different strategy. For example, I am known as a big talker, so Mrs. Pethe taped my mouth shut, forcing me to communicate using only my hands. I felt like a caveperson having to grunt and gesture wildly to get my point across.

Other people got their hands tied up or were blindfolded. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty hilarious to watch all this, but it really made a big impact. We all learned a lot about better ways to communicate.

We enjoyed telling y’all about our week but we have a question for our mini series, “Are You Smarter Than An Indi-ED Student?”

Do you have any hobbies and if so how does it connect to communication or how do you use communication while doing that hobby?

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