An Anniversary & an Announcement

2 things to celebrate today.

1. It’s our blog’s 1 Year Anniversary!

It’s been exactly one year since I made the commitment to write a blog and post it on our website and facebook page EVERY Monday about big ideas in education and creating the change that is necessary for all of our children.

And every Monday since, I’ve stuck to it.

I’m proud of that. It isn’t the biggest accomplishment of my life but I believe that it was one of the beginning steps in the journey that is now Indi-ED and THAT is certainly something that I’m proud of!

Which leads me to the 2nd thing that we’ll be celebrating…

2. WE’RE OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT for the 2017-18 school year.

If you’re someone who’s ready for the Indi-ED, real world, relevant, engaging, do what’s right for your child type of education, feel free to set up a call/meeting/shadow day for your child. We’ll be enrolling through April as we align our cohorts of students first, THEN hire the appropriate teacher to meet your child’s needs, then we use the summer to design the curriculum around YOUR STUDENT. (Different and beautiful isn’t it?!)

As an homage to our anniversary and as a way for those of you who are new to us to gain a bit of background, feel free to take a look at the first post for an understanding of ONE of the reasons we do what we do. (Or just check out my lovely 90s fashion sense for fun.)

Much Love & Appreciation for all that has transpired since then!

Onward & Upward!


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